Scholarship Winners and Donors Honoured

On March 31st, staff, faculty, alumni and students gathered in Hart House to celebrate recent scholarship winners and donors.  The Mathematics Department was proud to celebrate this event with a number of outstanding scholarship winners from the department as well as Professor George Elliott, an honoured donor.

Mathematics Scholarship Winners, Donor Professor George Elliott, Chair Kumar Murty and Dean Meric Gertler

Mathematics Scholarship Winners, (far right) Professor George Elliott (Donor), (center right) Professor Kumar Murty (Chair of Mathematics Department) and (center left) Professor Meric Gertler (Dean of Arts and Science)

Staff Member Profiled

A reporter for the Faculty of Arts and Science News recently sat down with Ms. Ida Bulat, Graduate Administrator for the Department of Mathematics, to discuss her recent Student Life Award win and her thoughts on the award and her job in general.

In the article Ms. Bulat is quoted as saying: “I’m not here to get awards, I’m here to do my job.” The article is an excellent profile of the selflessness that Ms. Bulat shows towards her job and the department as a whole in her duties as Graduate Administrator.

The full article can be found here:

1st Annual Atkinson Award Winner Announced

The inaugural Atkinson Teaching Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching by a Post Doctoral Fellow was awarded last night.

The winner of this year’s award was Marina Chugunova.

The winners are chosen based on nominations and comments from faculty and students.

Congratulations to Marina!

UTSC Mathematics Professor Wins Coxeter-James Award

Professor Bálint Virág of the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (UTSC) and the Graduate Departments of Mathematics and Statistics on the St. George campus has been awarded this year’s Coxeter-James prize in Mathematics.

From their website: The Coxeter-James Prize was inaugurated to recognize young mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions to mathematical research. The first award was presented in 1978.

Since it’s inception in 1978 eight other winners of the prize have been affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Congratulations to Professor Virag!

More on the story can be found here

Delury Award Winners Announced

The Delury Award is given annually to recognize excellence in the department’s teaching assistants.   It is usually given to a senior TA (but not always) and is used to recognize the best TAs in the department.

Nominations for the award can come from any faculty member and members of the committee choose winners based on the following criteria:

  • excellence as a TA over their time as a TA here (including those that have shown great improvements over their career)
  • the breadth of their service (including the range of course they have TA’d for from introductory to 4th year and even graduate level course involvement)
  • TA evaluations (if available)
This year’s winners are:
  • Omar Antolin Camarena
  • Yuri Burda
  • Brendan Pass

Congratulations to the winners!

Putnam Competition Results Are In

The Department would like to congratulate this year’s Putnam competition team.  Once again the Mathematics Department at the University of Toronto has placed in the top ten.  We share this honour with MIT, Harvard, CalTech, Stanford, Princeton, Duke, Maryland, Virginia and Waterloo (click here for full results)

This year’s team:

  • Victoria Krakovna (senior) — This is the fourth time she has participated in the competition and last year she won the Elisabeth Putnam prize for best result by a female student.
  • Alexander Remorov (sophomore) — This is the second time he has participated.
  • Konstantin Matveev (junior) — This is his third participation in the competition where he made the top 20 last year and the year before that.

From the official Putnam website: The competition began in 1938 and is designed to stimulate a healthful rivalry in mathematical studies in the colleges and universities of the United States and Canada.  The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is an annual contest for college students established in 1938 in memory of its namesake.  The Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize was established in 1992 to be “awarded periodically to a woman whose performance on the Competition has been deemed particularly meritorious”. Over the years many of the winners of the Putnam competition have become distinguished mathematicians. A number of them have received the Fields Medal and several have won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

When asked for advice for future students looking to write the competition participant Victoria Krakovna had the following to say: “I am in fourth year, so I’ve participated in the Putnam four times. I practiced a lot by doing old Putnam problems both at the Putnam sessions and on my own. The competition has two parts, each part is 3 hours with 6 problems, arranged approximately in order of difficulty. I usually try to solve the first 3-4 problems in each half of the contest, and don’t attempt the last two much. In general it’s better to concentrate on a few problems and make good progress, rather than make small progress on all six. It’s a good idea to look at all the problems, though, for example you might be able to solve #3 without solving #2. The best advice I can offer is to do a lot of practice of old Putnam problems, as much as you can.”

The department is proud of it’s team’s achievements in this years competition!

Undergraduate Mathematics Contest Winners

The department would like to send out congratulations to the winners of this year’s Undergraduate Mathematics Contest.

The contest, started by Professor Edward Barbeau in the spring of 2001, provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to compete in mathematics and practice their competition skills.  The contest is open to all undergraduate students. This year there were 31 participants.

This year’s winners are:

  • 1st place: Alexander Remorov
  • 2nd place: Sida Wang
  • 3rd place: Keith Ng
  • 4th place: Victoria Krakovna
  • 5th place: Sergei Sagatov

Congratulations to all participants!

If you are interested in writing the competition or would like to view previous year’s winners please visit the official Undergraduate Mathematics Contest page.