2016 Course Instructors Teaching Excellence Award Winner

Congratulations to our graduate student, Peter Crooks, winner of the 2016 CI Teaching Excellence Award.

In 2015, the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program’s (TATP) Teaching Excellence Award launched the first-ever TATP award specifically for graduate student Course Instructors. This is a university-wide award that “recognizes one graduate student whose outstanding work as a sole-responsibility Course Instructor shows evidence of educational leadership, meaningful contributions to course and curriculum development, and impact on student learning.” Further information about this award can be found in this link: http://tatp.utoronto.ca/awards/ci-award/

Peter is co-supervised by Lisa Jeffrey and John Scherk and is working in the area of Lie Theory and Equivariant Geometry. Peter is defending his thesis this Wednesday, May 4, 2016.