Graduate Students and PDFs recognized

award winners

From left to right (top): Ivan Livinskyi (Graduate Student), Abe Igelfeld (Senior Lecturer), Alex Rennet (PDF), Chris Eagle (Graduate Student), Asif Zaman (Graduate Student)
From left to right (bottom): Eckhard Meinrenken (Professor), Almut Burchard (Professor), Daniel Soukup (Graduate Student)

The Department was proud to celebrate the accomplishments of our Graduate Students and PostDoctoral Fellows last week with a reception honouring recipients of three Departmental awards and one University wide award.

Teaching Assistants’ Training Program’s (TATP) Teaching Excellence Award

The TATP Teaching Excellence Award was created in 2003 to recognize the outstanding contributions of teaching assistants at the University of Toronto.   The award seeks to value the work of TAs who regularly inspire and challenge undergraduate students.  This year’s winner was Asif ZamanAsif is a second year PhD student of John Friedlander and is working in the area of analytic number theory.

Further information this award can be found here

Frederick V. Atkinson Teaching Award

Given annually by the department this award recognizes excellence in teaching by PostDoctoral Fellows.   This year it was awarded to:

  • Prashant Athavale
  • David Penneys
  • Alex Rennet

Daniel B. DeLury Teaching Awards

This annual departmental award recognizes excellence in instruction for graduate students in mathematics.  This year’s winners were:

  • Peter Crooks
  • Christopher Eagle
  • Daniel Soukup

Vivekananda Graduate Scholarship for International Students

Ivan Livinskyi (L) and Professor Almut Burchard (R)

Ivan Livinskyi (L) and Professor Almut Burchard (R)

This was the inaugural year for this award.  The award is based on donations from individuals, charitable organizations and companies from the VEDANTA Society of Toronto, and they are matched, dollar for dollar by the Provost. These donations will allow the department to be able to endow several new Fellowships for graduate students.

Vivekananda was a philosopher and spiritual teacher (1863-1902). He founded the Ramakrishna Mission in India and the Vedanta Society is a branch center of that Mission. The Vivekananda Fellowship is meant to fund the study of an international doctoral student in mathematics.

This year, the committee chose Ivan Livinskyi as the recipient of this scholarship. Ivan is a second year doctoral student working under the supervision of Professor Steve Kudla.

Congratulations to all our winners and our sincere appreciation for all your hard work and effort!