2012 UG Math Competition

The Department would like to congratulate all who took part in the 2012 Undergraduate Mathematics Competition.  Overall there were 38 candidates who participated in this year’s event.  Of those 3 were from the Scarborough campus and 1 was from Mississauga.

The top five students, ranked in order are:

  1. Jonathan Zung, II Mathematics/Computer Science
  2. Yu Wu, Engineering Science
  3. Keith Ng, IV Physics
  4. Jialin Song, I Mathematics/Computer Science
  5. Jonathan Love, I Mathematics

The next ranking students are listed in two categories, each in alphabetical order.

Category II:

  • Rong Xi Guo
  • Mengdi Hua
  • Xuan Ju
  • Yiyang Lin
  • Mengye RenSusanna Rumsey
  • Pei Jun Zhao

Category III:

  • Anne Dranovski
  • Shuo Gu
  • Man Li
  • Samer Seraj
  • Matthew Sourisseau
  • Ian Weaver
  • Elise Yi Qian Yuan

The problems and solutions are posted on Professor Barbeau’s website and can be found here!

Our thanks go out to Nick Chenand and John Inciura for invigilating, Ilia Binder and Felix Recio who assisted in the marking and Edward Barbeau for organizing the event.